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Spanish laugh off Barcelona debt stories and claim Fabregas move still on

The Spanish media are making far less of Barcelona’s debts than their English counter parts and remain convinced that if Barcelona really want Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas to join them in the summer the money will be found to finance the deal.

If Arsene Wenger hoped that Barcelona’s ongoing campaign to sign the Gunners captain would diminish because of the huge debt, reported to be £400 Million and growing, then he is mistaken, The Catalan giants have continued to make it clear that their debts will not stop them making signings.

Barcelona have numerous means that they can employ to reduce the debt and not just by selling players, they still have the confidence of the banks and can rely on their fans/shareholders to bail them out as they have done in the past, it is far from unusual for the top two Spanish sides, Real Madrid and Barcelona to rack up huge debts and the current debt at the Nou Camp while large, is not large enough for them not to bid on Fabregas again, much to the annoyance of Wenger.
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The problem for Barcelona is that they have a lower valuation for Fabregas than what Wenger has and the Frenchman will never allow Barcelona to get Fabregas on the cheap, it remains down to the Spanish Champions to make a bid that Wenger determines reflects the true valuation of Fabregas.

But whatever happens, regardless of debt and Wenger statements it is almost certain that Barcelona will carry on with their efforts to sign Fabregas, they want him and will not go away easily.