Sports Betting

Best Betting SitesWelcome to our complete guide to sports betting online. We will show you the best ways to bet for profit, some of the most popular sports to bet on, and where you can bet at the best bookies online and collect free bets bonuses.

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General Sports Betting Tips

Tips & TricksWhether you are a sports betting newbie or an experienced punter looking for new ideas and ways to edge out a profit, this list of betting on sports tips will come in useful.

Please remember that there is no possible way to call it correctly every time. If there was, there would be no bookmakers in business. Follow these sports betting tips to increase your odds, but never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Betting on the Favourite

Needed: An appetite for risk & a fairly large bankroll.

This strategy is pretty much common sense. It involves always placing your bets on the favourite to win. Whether in football, tennis, boxing, or some other sport – the favourite is favourite for a reason.

Of course, freak events do happen (see the next strategy). This method is not bullet-proof, and sometimes it goes wrong. Most of the time, though, the favourite will win. That’s why they are the favourite.

Betting on the favourite will mean lower returns and probably not very favourable odds. You will need to risk a fair amount of capital to get a decent return. If you were betting on Manchester United to beat Burnley, for example, you would probably have to bet £10 to get a £1 return.

The strategy aims to win little and often, rather than big chunks of cash rarely. However, due to the high level of risk, this method isn’t for everyone.

If you like to keep the risk low and rewards big, see the next sports betting strategy.

Betting on the Unlikely Outcome

Needed: Patience, the ability to play the long-game & a big enough bankroll to absorb small losses often.

In a football match this might be the underdog team, or even a draw. In a tournament or championship, it could mean placing several bets on several underdogs.

This strategy is the exact opposite of the last one. The idea is to lose small amount fairly often, and then recoup all your losses and then some with a massive payout.

For example, betting on a team like Hungary to win the World Cup will offer odds of 2000/1 or something in that region. The chances are next to nil, but football is a funny game, and you just never know.

This strategy becomes even more attractive when you consider the ability to cash out your bets. Let’s say you did take the 2000/1 bet on Hungary winning the World Cup, and they made it to the quarter-finals. The odds would have significantly changed by this point, and you could cash out your bet for a profit. Of course, you could always ride your bet through to the end and wait for the truly once in a lifetime to happen, and reap the rewards.

Think it can’t happen? Tell that to the fans of Leicester City FC, some of whom cashed out 5000/1 bets on their local team doing the unthinkable and winning the English Premier League.

If you can bet on multiple improbable outcomes and take the steady stream of small losses, patiently waiting for the big one, this could be the strategy you have been looking for.

Betting on Form & Winning Streaks

Needed: The ability to research & patience to watch and wait for opportunities.

There’s no doubt in any experienced gambler’s mind that form and winning streaks are as real as the laws of physics. An up-and-coming horse on blinding form can outrun an experienced favourite, and a football team on a winning streak can topple champions and upset the entire established hierarchy.

The idea, then, is to find the teams, athletes, and animals on form, and capitalize on the streaks while they last. Thanks to the insane superhighway of information we all have at our fingertips, this is easier than ever before.

Great sportsbooks like Bet365, Paddy Power, Betfair, and Ladbrokes have entire sections dedicated to storing information and stats and identifying trends. If you spend a little time looking over the results for the last few weeks or months, you will begin to notice patterns and spot an athlete, horse, or team on form.

When you do, place your bets accordingly. Of course, there is no way to tell how long the winning streak will last, and today could be the day it ends, but that’s part of the risk of betting. If you want a sure thing, the only method we know is to clock some extra hours at work!

Football Betting

Football is by far the biggest betting market of them all. If there was ever a sport which knit the whole world together, football is it.

Long gone are the days when you picked a winner from the Saturday fixtures and hoped for the best. Thanks to online sports betting you can bet on hundreds of outcomes, on just about anything. You can wager on number of goals scored, half-time and full-time scores, and even number of corners!

With the advent of live betting, especially on mobile devices, things get even crazier. You can bet on in-play events such as the outcome of a free kick or penalty in real time. You can also cash out or partially cash out your bets at any time at many of the best online bookmakers.

ESports Betting

E-sports just keeps on getting bigger, and with the rapid rise of virtual reality, we expect this budding industry to skyrocket soon.

E-sports is somewhat a competition for those who don’t have what it takes to be real athletes. You will bet on the outcome of various electronic games tournaments, matches, and events. Yes, we literally mean betting on two fellas playing FIFA, or an entire FIFA tournament for that matter.

Some people feel resistance to getting involved in betting on e-sports to begin, then love it after giving it a try. Others don’t enjoy it and just have a punt once or twice. The only way to find out is to give it a try and see if you like it.

Rugby Betting

Ah, the gentleman’s sports, or so they call it. Despite being a glorified group riot with a ball, rugby has well and truly gone global and fans from sleepy shires in England to coastal cities in Australia bet unthinkable sums of money on the outcome of matches and tournaments.

Rugby betting is evolving, with online sports betting sites now starting to embrace live betting in the sport. It’s got a while to go before it catches up with football in this area, but it will get there.

If you usually fall asleep during a rugby match but your family or friends make you watch it anyway, then perhaps having £100 riding on the outcome would be a great way to liven things up.

Darts Betting

Darts is more of a cult than a sport, and many observers wonder what the attraction could be in watching often overweight men sipping pints of ale throwing weighted pins at a cork target.

We understand the sentiment, but when you get into darts it is strangely exhilarating! It taps into the same primal instincts in men as shooting a bow at a buffalo. If you’re new to darts, watch for a while and you will see what we mean.

It gets even more exciting when you have an actual stake in the outcome. You might not think it possible, but watching a darts player wipe the sweat from his brow before he throws the dart which could mean the difference between you winning or losing £50 gets the heart pounding quite furiously.

Never tried betting on darts before or don’t believe us that it could actually be fun? Give it a go at Bet365 and see for yourself.

Cricket Betting

Cricket is largely confined to the countries which once made up the British empire, but it does draw a global audience and attracts serious attention from punters across the globe.

While it seems quite slow-paced, once you start betting on outcomes it is anything but. You can bet on match result, which batsman will have the most runs, total number of runs in the next over, when the next wicket will fall, and multiple other outcomes.

This is another game which as a whole new element of excitement to it when you have a stake in the outcome.

Tennis Betting

Tennis betting is quite simply massive and is one of the sports with the most money bet on it every year.

The big bets are placed on the Grand Slams and major tournaments like the Davis Cup, but there is a surprisingly amount of tennis played, as you will learn when you start betting on it.

This is a great sport if you enjoy proposition betting. From who will win the next set to whether a serving player will commit a fault or not, bookies have dreamed up an array of possible outcomes to bet on.

Tennis is also a game where anything can happen. We recommend trying betting on the unlikely outcome on this sport, if any.

Ready to get get started sports betting? Check out our approved list of sports betting sites at the top of this article. All of these offer welcome bonuses or free bets to kick things off.