Online Gambling

Best Betting SitesOnline gambling is more than just the pastime of a few – it’s an international obsession!

With over $100 billion spent on online gambling every year around the world, you might wonder what it is that’s so attractive about it. In this guide to gambling on the web, we will answer all of your questions and show you the ropes and how to get started.

There are lots of different types of online gambling. Let’s look at those first. If you already know what you’re after, feel free to skip ahead to any section you please.

Where to Gamble Online 2020

The following is a shortlist of the best sites to gamble online. Whatever it is you are looking for, you will find it at these sites. Every site has been checked over and reviewed by our team of experts, and is safe and secure to play at.

Online Sports Betting

It’s estimated that the global sports gambling industry is worth as much as $3,000,000,000,000 annually. That is literally trillions. It just goes to show that a lot of people are in on it at some point.

Just about every sport under the sun can be bet on online, however the bulk of the betting is on football, boxing, horse racing and tennis. At most of the bookmakers we have reviewed it is possible to bet on everything from F1 to darts to chess on top of the main sports. Basically, if it is a sport, some online bookmaker will offer you the chance to bet on it.

Yet it isn’t only the sports themselves. There are a mind-boggling number of outcomes you can bet on. Bet365 is by far the leader in this area, with literally hundreds of betting markets on football.

From number of goals scored, to which team will have a player sent off, right down to in-play bets like whether or not the penalty just awarded will be scored, you can bet on just about anything.

A lot of online sportsbooks also feature cool features like the ability to watch events live, the ability to close out bets early, and receive text alerts. Read our expert sportsbook reviews to find out what the best option for you is.

Don’t forget you can also bet on sports via mobile devices. Downloading apps can save a lot of hassle and give you instant access and updates.

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Online Casino

Long gone are the days when you had to head to London or Vegas to play your favourite casino games. Every casino game ever invented is available to play instantly online. With the rise of live dealer games, it’s getting more and more like the real thing every day.

Popular card games like baccarat, blackjack, and poker are all available alongside table games like craps and roulette. At most ‘with the times’ casinos these are available in both digital and live dealer styles. Don’t forget video slots, though, of which there are endless games available from hundreds of game designers.

Having access to not only all the different casino games you can think of, but also having access to basically unlimited casinos has its plus sides. Since most of them offer a welcome bonus of free casino cash and free spins, you can sign up, maximize the bonus, and move on to the next one.

Top casinos will actually try very hard to counter this tendency. To do so they make sure you have lots of promotions and offers to feast on. This means more freebies for you, and hence more chance to play real money games for free, or at least at a huge discount.

Check out our guide to casino bonuses or some of our in-depth online casino reviews. Don’t make a decision about which to play at before you have done your homework and know exactly what’s on offer.

If you fancy having a little Vegas casino in your pocket, most online casinos also offer apps. Sometimes these come with sportsbooks and poker rooms, and sometimes they come as stand-alone casinos. Again, reading our reviews will keep you right.

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Online Poker

A lot of people speculate that online poker is basically dead, thanks to the US government passing the UIGEA in 2006, banning US players from gambling online.

Our experience is different. The online poker scene is thriving, and commentators who think that are obviously situated in America. British, European, and Aussie players, as well as basically everyone else from around the world, battle it out daily in poker tournaments online.

Online poker bonuses can be massive, even more so than casino bonuses. You can find offers like 200% matches up to £1,000 at some online poker rooms. Obviously, that’s a lot of free poker chips. You should definitely take advantage of these, and just like with casinos, you can hop around and keep collecting new bonuses.

In most cases you will have to download a poker client to get started. This is pretty much the case across the web, so don’t be put off. This allows you to play directly from your desktop against players from all over the world.

Online poker is truly a 24/7 non-stop tournament. If you are ready to join and try to lay your claim to some big pots, check out some of our poker room reviews.

Online Bingo

Forget going down to the bingo hall mid-week, or heading off on a cruise to play bingo. Well, you can play there too, but you don’t have to wait is the point we want to make. Bingo is available 24/7 online, with games starting every few seconds.

Most of the UK online casinos have bingo rooms, knowing that Brits especially love their bingo. In most cases you can get a free bingo bonus to get started. This is usually a ‘deposit £10 and play with £ 40 type of deal.

If you want to score some extra big wins keep your eyes open for progressive jackpot bingo games. These have jackpots which rollover from game to game, meaning you can win huge cash payouts.

Bingo mobile apps are harder to find, but you will be able to download them as part of an overall online casino. Check out Ladbrokes and Bet365 for two of the best apps to get started.

Online Financial Betting

Financial trading used to be reserved for fat cats with cigars and pinstripe suits in gentlemen’s clubs and bank board rooms. Not so anymore. Thanks to the web everyone can have a punt on the markets, from the FTSE in London to the NYSE in the USA and beyond.

One of the best thing about betting on financials is there are only two outcomes. The market either goes up, or it goes down. With two accounts you could actually bet both ways, and close the bet out which is losing. Lots of financial bettors do this, and while it can be risky, it does lead to regular wins.

Betting on the financial markets can seem confusing at first. All those numbers and graphs and charts, eh? Here’s a secret we want to let you in on – it’s all nonsense! Betting on the markets is like betting on a coin toss – it either goes up or down, and no amount of studying can tell you what it going to happen next.

Some of the top UK bookmakers online like Ladbrokes and Bet365 offer financial betting directly from their platforms. Some don’t though, since this is still quite a niche market and lots of punters are intimidated by it. That’s a shame, because it really can be lucrative and there and endless betting opportunities.

Could you be the next Wolf of Wall Street? There’s only one way to find out – give financial betting a try and see if it’s for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQQ. What do I need to get started gambling online?

A. You will need to be 18 and will need to open an account at an online bookmaker or casino. We have provided a shortlist of the best places to engage in online gambling at the bottom of this page.

Q. How do I claim the various available bonuses to bet or gamble for free?

A. Each casino will have its own guidelines, but nine times out of ten you don’t need to do anything more than sign up and make a minimum deposit. You will then be offered the bonus and can get started. Of course, if it’s a no-deposit bonus you won’t have to make any deposit at all.

Q. Can I have multiple online gambling accounts at different bookmakers and casinos?

A. Yes, you can. In fact, that is the norm these days. Most players who have been involved for a while have three or more accounts. With the bonuses and promotions on offer, why not? Having multiple accounts could ensure free bets and bonuses basically every day.