New Casino Sites

New SitesThere are lots of fantastic new casino sites coming online every single day. The web is replete with online casinos, and giving the new ones a try makes sense. After all, how will you know what you are missing otherwise?

In this quick guide, we will have a look at why giving new casinos a try is smart, what the best new casino sites are, and finally, we will answer some commonly asked questions about new casinos on the web.

The Best New Casino Sites for 2020

Check out the following casino sites. These are all new sites which have come online recently. Our experts have checked them out and they all pass the strict criteria we impose to make our casino shortlist.

Review Bonus Rating Visit
Casino Room £500 bonus + 200 free spins Visit
Casino Cruise £1,000 bonus + 200 free spins Visit
888casino £888 bonus Visit
Rizk £150 bonus + 50 free spins Visit
Guts £300 bonus + 100 free spins Visit
Kaboo £200 bonus + 100 free spins Visit
Thrills €400 bonus + 20 Free Spins Visit
BGO £200 bonus Visit

Great Reasons to Try New Online Casinos

Fresh Casino Bonuses

If you are totally new to online casino gaming, this might not concern you. If you have been around for a while and have already used up the welcome bonuses and offers at all the big name casinos online, then new casinos offer a great chance to cash in again.

New casino sites often also offer bigger and better bonuses than the more established competitors. Why? Due to the fact that they have a harder time attracting players in the first place.

Think about it – 32Red and LeoVegas barely even have to try. Everyone already knows these are the best casinos on the web, and so converting players is a pretty straightforward task. New sites, on the other hand, have a harder time getting visitors to turn into active players.

This is where the bigger and better bonuses come if. Few players can resist a deposit bonus in the thousands, and lots of free spins.

Potentially New & Novel Games

This also happens with casino games, too. While big, established operators have comfortable relationships with Playtech, Microgaming, NetEnt, etc, new sites might not be able to get all of those operators to work with them just yet.

While you will usually find one or two of the big names at new casino sites, you will also find some up and comer firms. Why is this a good thing? It can give you a chance to play new, fresh games you haven’t tried before.

This also works in reverse. The new slots firms can’t get the likes of Bet365 to list their games until they have a reputation already in place. So, they go to the new casinos and start there.

If you are happy to play the same games time and time again, fair enough. There’s no denying that Playtech slots are difficult to top. However, if you are a novelty seeker and love to try new things, then perhaps the new sites are just what the doctor ordered.

As the old saying goes…never try, never know! You could be missing out on a world of new and exciting casino games and not even know it.

Better Customer Service

Let us tell you a little story. We were recently checking out a brand spanking new casino on a Friday night. This is well known to be a peak time, as everyone has just got off work and the most keen casino players are spinning in the hope of never having to go back to work on Monday.

We encountered a small problem and reached out to the live chat agents for help.

We were surprised by the fact that we got a response in literally 2 seconds. At peak times! It didn’t take long to figure it out – this being a new casino site, there weren’t as many players online bogging down the lines.

This will, of course, depend on how seriously the casino takes customer service. New does not always mean better, and we have also encountered a few bad examples.

That said, it makes sense – new sites are both eager to keep you happy so you stick around and spread the word, and they simply have fewer players to serve, so can give you a little more attention.

Cool Features & New Experiences

New casinos are always trying to find ways to stand out from the crowd, get attention, and attract players.

They have a LOT of competition, so they tend to innovate. Again, it is no coincidence that most casino industry awards go to new casinos.

This could be simply a fantastic website design and layout, or it could be an entirely new feature altogether. It could even be a new type of bonus other casinos don’t offer.

Some new sites are focusing on mobile players and making the experience better for them, while others are looking even further ahead into the fast-approaching world of virtual reality.

Not all new casinos will innovate, but most of the best ones will. You never know what you might be missing out on unless you give them a shot. This is probably the best reason to play at them of all.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQHow do I know if a new casino site is legitimate?

This is a great question, and checking everything is above board should always be a top priority before registering and giving over your details.

There are several ways to check. First, you can read an in-depth expert review like the ones we provide here. Second, you can check where the gaming licence is from. If it is UK, Malta, or Gibraltar issued, it is a pretty safe bet you are in good hands.

Do new casinos offer deals as good as the established ones?

As a matter of fact, they often offer better bonus deals and offers. This is because they want to attract new players.

It’s always important to read the terms and conditions of any new casino bonus. This helps assess if the deal is as good as it seems.

We have also found that some newer casinos offer much more in the way of ongoing promos. An example would be regular free spins and prize draws. This is their way of keeping you happy, so you don’t jump ship to a bigger, better-established competitor.

It’s no coincidence that the newest casinos usually win the big awards. They are eager to make players happy and spread the news!

How exactly do you define a new casino site? How old would it have to be?

Any casino which has been open less than 2 years would be considered pretty new.

Of course, new is a spectrum. A site which is a year old is not as new as one which just opened its digital doors last week, but you get the point. Most of the big operators have been online since the mid-nineties or in and around the year 2000, so compared to them these are definitely new casino sites.

How would I quickly assess a new casino to see if it is worth playing at?

We consider a number of things in all of our reviews, and these make a great starting point.

Check the license issuer, the games (for both quality and quantity), the welcome bonuses and their terms and conditions, any ongoing bonuses or promotions, the payment methods available, and the customer service.

If these all get the green light, it’s probably a good casino to play at. Alternatively, you can save yourself a lot of time by reading our casino reviews instead.


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