New Betting Sites

There are new betting sites popping up online every other day. This can be a good thing since it gives you lots of choices. However, it can also make it extremely difficult to actually choose an online sportsbook to bet at.

In this guide, we’ll show you what to look out for, how to weigh up what’s on offer, the advantages of new sportsbooks over old ones, and of course we will suggest some of the best new sportsbooks online.

Best New Betting Sites 2020

Considering the above factors and some others in our comparison, our expert reviewers have put together the following new betting site top list. We update this regularly as things change, and the list a week from now might not be the same as what you see today.

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Why Pick a New Betting Site?

WhySo why should you consider new betting sites when there are plenty of older, established sites online? That’s a good question, and we think there are a few good reasons for doing so.

1. Fresh Welcome Bonuses

This might not concern you too much if you are new to the world of online betting and can claim the welcome bonuses at the big, established sportsbooks online. There are lots of great offers available at the big name brands. If you are choosing a sportsbook for the first time you might as well start there.

If you have been betting for a while, however, and have used the free bets and welcome offers at Paddy Power, Bet365, Ladbrokes, Betfair, and the other big operators, then new online sportsbooks can give you the opportunity to score some fresh deals.

2. Betting Markets

Some of the big operators have all the main bases covered. Every once in awhile, however, we sign up to a brand new sportsbook and find something we have never seen before. Some sports tournament or league in a far-flung part of the world might be available. This can make for new, interesting betting opportunities.

If you want to stick with the main sports and major leagues, then the likes of Bet365 will have you covered. If you want to try something a little more exotic and exciting, then checking out a new sportsbook in 2019 could be just what the doctor ordered.

3. A New Experience

If you have been betting at the same sportsbook and for months or even years, it can understandably get a little stale. It might be time to spice things up by making a change, or at least giving another fresh sportsbook a chance.

There are a few good reasons for doing this. A change can be rejuvenating, you can discover new features the sportsbook you have been using doesn’t have. Often due to factors like design and user-friendliness punters who try a different sportsbook are left wishing they had done so a long time before.

All of these are good reasons to try a new sportsbook on the web. Now, let’s take a look at how to assess a potential sportsbook, especially if it’s new and you aren’t familiar with the brand.

How to Assess a New Sportsbook Online

How toThere are several factors to always consider no matter what sportsbook you are using. However, this checklist is specifically for new sportsbooks, and has been tailored to the needs of bettors assessing them.

Note that we have considered these factors and some other when putting together our sportsbook toplist at the bottom of this page.

Check Out the License

Safety, security, and fairness should always be priority number one when it comes to any site you will be sharing your financial details with. The last thing you want is to fall into the hands of a mob-operated offshore sportsbook with no license which will steal your deposits and never pay you if you win.

Thankfully, this nightmare scenario can be completely avoided by sticking with sportsbooks licensed by credible authorities.

Even if a bookmaker is totally new to the market, you can be sure it is legitimate if it holds a license from the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, or just about any licensing body in Europe.

These licences are difficult to obtain and the authorities do regular checks to ensure everything is 100% legitimate and above board. Any shenanigans can see the sportsbook lose its license and be shut down.

Check out any of our in-depth reviews, which tell you directly where a sportsbook holds its license.

Assess the Markets Available

Basically every legitimate online bookmaker will offer some markets in the major sports like football, tennis, golf, boxing, basketball, and athletics.

That said, it’s a whole new world and there are markets available today which didn’t even exist a decade ago, and you might want to check out some of these as they provide excellent opportunities to profit.

Make sure the sports you want to be on are available. Also look deeper and ask whether live betting is available, whether there are markets other than picking outright winners, what these markets are if they do exist, and whether these markets are available to bettors from your country.

Live betting markets, in particular, are worth mentioning again. This is THE way to bet these days, providing you with the opportunity to take profits or cut losses early, and even close and open new bets during game play.

This is usually restricted to football and some bookies offer it on other sports. Check if it is available before signing up and definitely take advantage of this feature if it is.

Look Into the Features

The days of plain and simple sportsbook where you make a deposit, pick a bet with certain odds, and place a bet are long gone.

New sportsbooks offer much more of an experience than this, and the best ones offer all kinds of features to make your life easier and your betting a more enjoyable, and hopefully profitable, experience.

Check out whether the sportsbook you are thinking of signing up to offers e-mail or texts alerts on events you have a bet on. Also check whether you can live stream events like football matches or fights, and whether there is a betting calculator and cash out feature. Also, make sure the betting site is available on mobile devices.

Of course, you might not need all of these things to have a great betting experience. You should aim to have at least a few of them, however, and the more the better, even if you don’t use them to begin with.

Check Out the Offers Like Free Bets

There are lots of offers available online, but knowing how to assess them and look beyond what you see on the banners is the key to getting a good deal.

We have a full guide to free bets here. Check it out for an in-depth look at the different types of offer and how to weight them up. The following is a quick rundown of what you should look at when analyzing an offer:

How Much is It Worth?

This is of course an important factor, and you want to maximize your gains. The bigger the better, but size isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to free bets and offers.

What are the Terms?

How much will you have to bet to avail of the free bet? How many times will you need to bet it before you can withdraw it (known as play through requirements). What i the risk to you, and does the reward justify it?

Are There Other Offers?

A free bet is nice as a signup gift, but if you want a sportsbook for the long term you will be looking for a bit more than just the initial giveaway. Check out whether or not there are enhanced odds bets, best odds guaranteed, and regular promotions for existing punters.

Can You Have Too Many Accounts?

FAQIt’s actually quite common today for online bettors to have multiple sportsbook accounts. While a few years back most had one or two, it is common today to have five or six.

The advantages here are obvious:

  • Comparing and getting the best odds on bets.
  • Being able to take advantage of all the bonus offers and promotions.
  • Keeping an eye on them all and find out which offers the best deal over time then use that account more regularly.
  • Experiencing the different features, customer service, and other unique factors about each sportsbook.
  • How many is too many is something for you to decide as an individual, but generally speaking, the more the merrier!

The only potential downside here is that text alerts and e-mails many betting sites send you. That’s quite easily solved, however, by opting out and deciding not to participate in communication with the site.