Casino Games

Best Online CasinosCasino games have been around for hundreds of years, with games like baccarat being traced back to the crusades in the middle ages. Nowadays, digital and live dealer versions of these classic games can be enjoyed online.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular casino games you will find online.

Where to Find the Best Casino Games 2020

Check out this list of online casinos. Just pick a game and register in minutes. We have vetted each and every one of these and they are all safe.

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Baccarat is the ‘posh’ card game, favoured by aristocrats and kings back in the end. These days it’s still favoured by high-rollers, but anyone can enjoy it thanks to the lower costs per hand online card games allow.

Baccarat is sometimes known as punto banco. This is because it has two main outcomes – player, or banker wins.

You can play baccarat online at some of our approved online casinos. Check out the list at the bottom for some of the best baccarat bonuses.


Bingo is played all over the world, and now you can play it online. Casinos offering bingo usually throw in a nice welcome bonus, too, along the lines of a 300% bonus on a £10 deposit.

Whether you want to play 90-ball or even a variant like mini bingo, there are lots of online casinos willing to oblige you.

Look out for bingo games with progressive jackpots. These can offer the chance to win life-altering money.


Blackjack is most probably the most-played card game in the world. The appeal of this enduring card game is its simplicity – the aim of the game is to get 21, without exceeding it.

In all online blackjack games you will be given two cards to begin. Each has a value, with numbered cards being worth their face value, Jacks and Face cards worth 10, and Aces worth 1 or 11. With Aces, you can play whatever value is to your advantage.

There are a few blackjack variants, but they all follow the above format. The aim is to get 21 or as close to it as possible without going ‘bust’.

Every online casino offers blackjack games. Some also offer live dealer blackjack. Live games can allow you to play just as if you are at the tables in Vegas or Atlantic city.


Craps is one of the most exciting games you can play in the casino. Visit any bricks and mortar venue, and you will see droves of people at the craps tables. There’s a reason for that.

Craps can seem complex to newbies, but you will soon get the hang of it. It has its own language, and understanding that is key to understanding the game.

There are various craps bets you can make, and a roll of the dice will determine whether or not you get paid. Craps is far too complex to get into detail on here. The best way to find out more about it is to play a few games.


Keno is a little like playing the lotto. It’s a numbers game, and the more numbers you pick which come out in the draw, the more you get paid.

Playing keno at online casinos allows you to switch off and simply enjoy yourself. There is no strategy. It requires no heavy-duty thinking. You simply pick your numbers and wait for the draw. It’s that simple.

There are a few different styles and types of keno. Make sure you learn what the best keno games are and pick them at the casino.

Novelty Games

All sorts of novelty casino games have popped up in the last few years. From darts to bowling, you can find lots of these types of games at top online casinos like Betfair.

These make for a welcome break from all the strategizing and action. You can just kick back and enjoy yourself for a while before diving back in for more blackjack or poker.

One extremely popular novelty casino game is scratch cards. You can play these from just £0.10 or can buy cards with bigger prizes for £10 or more.


From Caribbean Stud and Casino Hold ‘Em through to the infamous Texas Hold ‘Em, people have been playing poker since man created cards, and will no doubt do it until the end of time.

Basically every major casino offers poker. Most have their own poker section, in fact, with lucrative poker bonuses on offer. You can also usually find several popular poker games in the casino itself such as Red Dog and 3 Card Poker.

Players love poker because it is a game of skill, rather than pure luck. You can try your skills at any of the online casinos mentioned below. Hold ‘em tournaments take place basically 24/7 against players from around the world.

Lots of poker sites offer insane prizes like trips to Vegas, the chance to play in real-world tournaments, and huge prize money for those who come out on top when tournaments are held.


There is probably no casino game simpler than roulette. That’s probably part of the reason it is so popular. Just pick your colour, red or black, and spin the wheel.

Of course, there are many other roulette bets you could make. You can bet on individual numbers, rows, columns, and groups of numbers.

Lots of players have success with the ‘Martingale’ roulette strategy. To use it, just double the size of your previous losing bet, and pick a high limits table. If you do the math, betting on a colour always leads to a payout which wins all your money back plus the size of the original stake.

In the end, though, roulette is a game of luck and chance. Check out some great roulette games at our partner casinos.


It’s a safe bet to say that nearly every casino player goes in for slots. In fact, 90% of all people who register at an online casino do so for the slots primarily.

Video slots are the online version of the slot machines you enjoy down at the bar. Thanks to firms like Playtech, Microgaming, NetEnt and many others, there are literally thousands of titles to choose from.

Slots come in all shapes and sizes, but the aim of every game is to match symbols for cash prizes. You could think of them a little like scratch cards, except the reels spin rather and symbols fall into place.

If you want to play for millions, check out some progressive jackpot slots. You wouldn’t be the first player to win £10,000 playing £0.25p spins. The most famous slot games online are Mega Moolah by Microgaming and Starburst by NetEnt. If you are new to slots check those out first.

Video Poker

Video poker games are massively popular online, with most casinos offering at least a few options.

If you are new to the game, it is based on 5-card poker. You are dealt 5 cards and you have to decide which cards to keep, and which to replace. The hands are ranked according to traditional poker hands, and the size of the payout you receive depends on the rank of the hand.

There are several different versions of video poker, from the simplest games like Jacks or Better to more complex ones like Deuces Wild. There are also many bonus games where you can risk your payouts in ‘double or nothing’ style action. These can really get the heart pounding.

Casino Games Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best casino game to play for a beginner?

A. Slots, roulette, and blackjack make for great games for anyone new to casino games. These are the simplest games, and many would argue the most fun.

Q. Can I play real money casino games for free?

A. While there are some free versions of cards and roulette online, you won’t usually have the chance to win real money jackpots or payouts. The best way to enjoy free play is to grab a no deposit bonus. This is as close to free money from the casino as you are ever going to get.

Q. Where can I get bonuses to play games at casinos?

A. Every casino will offer some sort of bonus. We have researched the best ones and you can find them at the bottom of this page. These are also the best casinos to play at in terms of game quality and security.

Q. Which casino games have the biggest jackpots and allow me to win the most money with least risk?

A. Progressive jackpot slots offer you the chance to win multi-millions from as little as £0.10 per spin. True, only the luckiest players manage to hit those sorts of jackpots, but that is why we play casino games to begin with!