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Wenger: UEFA are scared to bring in Fair Play Rules

The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is not convinced that UEFA will be strong and implement the so-called Fair Play Rules which are meant to be introduced in 2013. The expectancy of the introduction seems to have created a massive spending spree by the biggest clubs (except Arsenal!) but now Wenger seems to be unsure whether UEFA will have the guts to carry it through.

The Swiss club Sion has launched a legal challenge after being excluded by UEFA from the Europa League, and the bigger clubs could buy the biggest lawyers in the world to do the same thing if UEFA starts getting heavy-handed, and with the new money in football, through Paris St. Germain, Malaga, Anzhi and of course Manchester City (can Chelsea be called new money?) there is sure to be a few legal challenges depending on the wording of the new UEFA rules.

Arsenal have always tried to work on a self-sustainable basis, but Wenger thinks that Arsenal’s advantage could be diluted if UEFA back off from their previous stance.

Wenger said: “I am less optimistic about that than I was a year ago about it coming in.

“When it comes in, it depends on with what kind of rules.

“I am not sure completely that UEFA has completely worked out all the rules that will make it work.

“UEFA has been challenged by the Sion case when they excluded them and it looks like they are scared they could be challenged by the big clubs if they bring it in by force.

“I am not sure they will be capable of imposing it.

“I am hoping they are because I am a big fan of it, but I am less convinced than a year ago.”

This is a big worry for Arsenal because their whole set-up has been geared towards having an advantage when the new rules come in, but if it doesn’t happen, where does that leave Arsenal’s policy?