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Was Liverpool move a mistake for Joe Cole?

Former Chelsea player Joe Cole felt it was a mistake on his part to join Liverpool but felt he was left with no other options.

Cole, who spent seven good years at Chelsea, joined Liverpool on a free transfer under Roy Hodgson. But after failing to find his mark in two and a half seasons for the Reds, he joined his boyhood club West Ham in the January transfer window, and has been performing brilliantly.

Cole felt he never had any connect with the club since he joined the Anfield giants. While the Reds banged on about being the “best club in the country”, in reality they were not, according to Cole.

Cole did have an  from Tottenham Hotspur, but he didn’t join the north London club out of respect for Chelsea fans.

Ok. All accepted. He didn’t feel any connection and other stuffs but where was his performance in those years?

Five goals and three assists in two and a half years, after playing 42 matches – where was the performance for which he was bought for in the first place?

Of course, Liverpool were going through a terrible phase then, but Cole didn’t do enough during his stay to help the club either.