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Villas-Boas disagrees with Wenger and Ferguson over Olympic Team GB

Ever since Stuart Pearce was announced as the coach of the Great Britain Olympic Football Team earlier in the week the debate has started amongst the Premierships leading managers as to whether they will release their players or not. One manager who is not unduly worried is Andre Villas-Boas of Chelsea.

Both Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger and Man Utd’s Alex Ferguson have already expressed doubts about releasing their players for Team GB, with Wenger even saying that football shouldn’t even be an Olympic event, but Villas-Boas disagrees completely.

When asked whether he would allow his youngsters to be included the Chelsea boss said, “I don’t see the reason why not. Stuart has to make his selection, and has to do that freely. It will affect the players and managers and clubs of those he picks, but I hope he can get a GB team together that reflects the home Olympics. People should be proud to be involved.”

Villas-Boas then added, “First, it’s important the FA decides its stance on the situation. But Stuart has to decide freely on what he wants. It can collide with club’s interests for sure. Not everyone has this stance of respect for Olympic competition, but I have. Everybody should be proud to represent their country in the Olympics, which is a very special event.”

Try telling Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger that it is a special event. They will probably have more players that are likely to be selected than Chelsea, which would explain the Portuguese’s stance on team selection, but when push comes to shove next year will he still hold the same opinion and let his players play?