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Tottenham veteran confident they will beat Chelsea in both FA Cup and race for Champions League football

Tottenham goalkeeper Brad Friedel is in a very bullish mood and is highly confident that Tottenham will not only knock Chelsea out of the FA Cup but also condemn their London neighbours to Europa League football next season.

When the American stopper was asked if he thinks Spurs will finish in the top four, he said: “Yeah, I think we will.
“We’ve got a tremendous squad and other than two performances — Norwich and Arsenal away — we’ve been playing good football and have a lot of confidence.

“We’ve got a big game on Sunday against Chelsea and hopefully we can get to the FA Cup Final and then we’ll concentrate on the Premier League from there.

“But we’re looking to at least finish fourth and, hopefully, third.”

Third is probably beyond the reach of Tottenham, and Chelsea are in no worse form than Tottenham at this time, it could quite easily be that both Chelsea and Tottenham are in next seasons Europa league considering the way this season has gone, it is just as likely now that Newcastle finish 4th and Everton or Liverpool lift the FA Cup.

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