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The cost of failure for Liverpool threatens to be huge

Liverpool may end up paying a significant price if they fail to qualify for next season’s Champions League and with the spectre of missing out on European qualification entirely then the price could be even higher.

For starters the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man City and Inter will start to hover over Liverpool’s biggest assets in Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres.

It is not beyond the imagination that either player could be tempted away from Anfield in the event that the club not only fails to make Europe but see’s itself fall behind the likes of Man City in the Premiership.

Man City offer up a far more viable long term top four team than Tottenham or Aston Villa purely because of their spending power and that spending power could see them knock Liverpool out of the top four permanently.

Yes Liverpool were above Chelsea last season but a look at the stats and it is not this season that is the blip but last season and Chelsea have been far more successful in the Premiership than Liverpool overall thanks to Roman Abramhovich’s money, the same scenario beckons with Man City and both Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard will be aware of that.

But it is not just the sale of players that will effect the club, the loss of the Champions League group stage earnings in the Champions League and TV money is significant and will effect both the clubs bottom line and ability to attract and pay for top talent to the club.

The American owners will all of a sudden be stuck with a club who’s value will have dropped and they could find themselves in a position that they either sell at a lower price than they anticipated or they stay in charge.

The later option will frighten the hell out of the Liverpool fans.

The plans for the new stadium will drift further into the future and the whole financial structure of the club will have taken a huge hit at the wrong time.

Then there is Rafa Benitez, he seems to have the skin of an Elephant and unless he walks the club are stuck with a manger who is fast losing the faith of both players and fans alike and they cannot get rid of him without paying well in excess of £10 Million compensation.

Liverpool do have other problems that we will not go into now like Ryan Babel wanting away, the nervousness that Alberto Aquilani could be an expensive failure, Jose Reina being monitored by some clubs, Jamie Carragher possible departure and so forth,

So the short term cost of failure could see Liverpool lose either or both of Gerrard and Torres, stuck with Benitez and American owners, stadium looking further away than ever and no longer a top four team.

Now before the Liverpool fans get mad the above events all happening are unlikely and even if they did the effects are short term only, Liverpool will come back for sure no matter the wealth of the teams above them, they have a history, huge fan base and potentially can generate huge income again and will always remain an attractive option for some Billionaire somewhere,

But if this season does end in disaster and while it is unlikely to be as extreme as we stated above a new era at Liverpool can be expected, something will give and some of the personnel that have been discussed in the article will leave.

The Liverpool fans will be hoping it is the American owners that end up walking through the exit door.