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Star earns praise form Liverpool pal

After hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons in recent months, Luis Suarez has finally stopped all the crazy antics and going down so easily, to become arguably one of the most feared strikers in the Premier League right now, and he is earning rave reviews for his stand out performances for Liverpool.

The striker has bagged himself an impressive eight goals in eleven games this term in the League and has seen his status rise from being a ‘cheater’ to ‘one of the best’.

His pace, trickery, skill and ability is now showing more than ever and many of his past critics are suddenly in awe of what he can do on the pitch, which is justified with his recent displays.

Now though, many believe that Liverpool have become too reliable on the striker and if it wasn’t for him finding the net on a regular basis, then they would be languishing down at the bottom of the League.

However, Suarez’s team-mate Jamie Carragher has come out and indicated he doesn’t mind the idea that they cannot survive without him and also stressed he is an important member of the team that is playing at the top of his game

Speaking to Sky Sports he said: “People say we are dependent on Suarez,” said Carragher. “But listen. Messi at Barcelona, Ronaldo at Real Madrid. Every team will have a standout player, and Luis is one of them, not just in the Premier League but in the world.

“I’ve felt for 12 months he’s the best player in the league because he’s not playing alongside the kind of players the Chelsea players can play alongside. He’s one of the best players in world football and we are delighted to have him.”