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Silly errors hampering Liverpool's progress

It was yet another solid performance from Liverpool. Getting a 2-2 draw at the Etihad Stadium against Manchester City is a very good result any day and any time.

But, somewhere for the Liverpool fans it feels like a defeat. The reason being the Reds could have and should have earned three points but due to their wrong doing they had to remain content with one point only.

That is the most unfortunate part of Liverpool’s performance this season. Brendan Rodgers’ side have failed to win a single match against top 10 teams in the Premier League.

They had two tough consecutive away fixtures against Arsenal and City and in both the occasions they were the better team and should have returned with full points but ghastly errors have proved too costly.

On Sunday, Pepe Reina made a huge blunder by coming out of his position from which Sergio Aguero slotted home with great aplomb.

In fact, Liverpool were the better side at Anfield too in the corresponding fixture but that match also ended in a draw due to a silly error from Martin Skrtel.

Liverpool have lost too many matches this season due to their own errors that eclipses the progress done by the team under Rodgers. On Sunday, it was evident yet again.