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Robin van Persie mistakes football pitch for fighting arena

Anyone else a little peeved at Robin Van Persie? There’s an accusation made last night by Newcastle manager, Alan Pardew which describes Robin Van Persie elbowing Yohan Cabaye. The Toon manager has urged the FA to look at the incident, which if found to be true will see the Dutch striker sidelined for three games.

“He has looked at Yohan and elbowed him,” said the Newcastle chief.

Now, I get that players sometimes get caught in the moment and that things are said or done without intent but this has to be the dumbest thing Robin Van Persie has done in a Man United shirt. A petite 6 minutes from time and Robin Van Persie elbows Yohan Cabaye which went unseen by Howard Webb. The implications of his actions if founded would surely remove the gloss from the win last night which Alex ferguson described as United’s best.

To make matters worse, Van Persie has some grudge with Newcastle that dates back to infancy. Now, I’m not going to sit here and say that Man United are now doomed if found guilty but the fact still remains that a three match ban is simply unnecessary given how well Robin Van Persie has started. To make things worse, it’s not as though United are injury free and whilst their injuries to pertain to defense mostly, a banned striker may just be the difference in close games.

United fans will be hoping for the situation to be blown over. If not, Sir Alex Ferguson may just have some stern words to say about the matter in either corner. Regardless of what happens though, Robin Van Persie must be feeling like a schumckel. For Arsenal fans, that’s punishment already.