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Manchester City is a graveyard for young home grown players

Adam Johnson said last year when he returned to Manchester City to play against them for Sunderland that young players should think twice before joining them.

City have assembled a star studded squad with lots of foreign internationals in the team but one thing that is really surprising is young home grown talents are getting wasted with their project.

Though the club is trying to bring talents from the academy and that’s why planning has been made for that, but that is a long future story for now.

Johnson joined City with lots of potential and was touted as the next big thing in English football. However, with plenty of foreign imports, talents like him have gone unnoticed and after getting frustrated with lack of first team opportunities they move elsewhere, just like Johnson moved to Wear side to resurrect his career.

But he is not an isolated example at City. Anybody remember Scott Sinclair? He was also touted as the next bright future for England and was a star performer was Swansea. He had lofty ambitions and now doesn’t get games at all for his club. Likewise, the case with Rodwell is equally frustrating too, considering his injury problems.

Unlike clubs like Arsenal, Manchester United, Everton and Liverpool where home grown talents are given enough importance, the case is bit opposite with City. It is a graveyard for new young English footballers.