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Man Utd really have got the buy of the season at the expense of poor Arsenal

For everything Robin Van Persie is, a world class player is right up there. Despite this, Man United still took a huge gamble buying a player that is nearing 30 years of age with a long injury record. However, a handful of games into their campaign and the Dutch striker is proving to be the difference this year.

If there’s one thing Man United manage do better than any other club is extend the expiry date on their payers. At 29 Robin Van Persie could very well have another 5 years worth of fire left in his boots at Old Trafford. The thing is, Alex Ferguson made the buy of the season when he got the ex-Arsenal player to trade alliances.

Robin Van Persie isn’t the buy of the season because he was cheap (which at 24mil he wasn’t) or because he’s scoring goals (which he is) but because he offers the Red Devil’s a different dynamic to the squad. He’s offers them what only top, top players can- consistent performances. More than that, he’s not happy just to score goals. The Dutch striker wants to do more for the team and it’s that- that makes him so special.

“I think I am on the way to settling in well, but I would like to make more assists,” Van Persie said.

“It is not only about goals but I want to make more assists. I would like to improve that. I am on a good run but I would like to do better.”

World class players do everything. They defend, they score, they assist. They’re the players that a team can’t afford to lose. Come age or injury, class is permanent.