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Man City "will break the bank" to sign Gareth Bale

Harry Redknapp has pleaded with Daniel Levy not to sell any of Tottenham’s stars if he doesn’t manage to snatch fourth place from Man City this season, but the Spurs chairman has already says that the squad will need to “be trimmed” and that may encourage Roberto Mancini to make a massive offer for Gareth Bale.

According to The Star, Mancini is desperate for Bale to come to the Eastlands next season, and is prepared to offer Spurs £30m PLU the excellent England winger James Milner in exchange.

The Star has been talking to a Man City ‘source’ who said: “Gareth Bale is the one player Manchester City want to sign above all.

“Roberto Mancini knows he is one of the best young stars in Europe and will break the bank to get him.

“It doesn’t matter what he is valued at or how many other clubs are interested because he knows no-one can match City when it comes to competing financially.”

Even Harry Redknapp could see some sense in swapping Bale with Milner as a straight replacement, and also give him the £30m he requires to buy the world class striker that he craves at White Hart Lane.

Bale himself has also pledged allegiance to Tottenham, but if he is offered double his wages PLUS the Champions League football that he now wants, perhaps he could be persuaded to change his mind?