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Man City need to invest better

Manchester City is going about things the wrong way. They won the Premier League last season so it’s difficult to criticize a team that’s been lifted from the shadows to become one of the biggest clubs in Europe but there are things that need to be addressed.

This season has been more challenging for Man City. They’ve had to fight for every point this season and despite having every star player in their squad, they’ve still dropped some crucial points along the way. Now, money has played a huge part in City’s progress over the years but I can’t help but feel that all that cash has been spent unwisely.

Man City has a wonderful opportunity to take the club into greatness for the next 10, 20 or even 100 years and yet they haven’t done anything to ensure that. Sure, they won the League last season but they’ve invested very little in their youth. They’ve spent millions on players but only a very small fraction on developing a successful youth academy. You could say to me that Man City has no need to develop a youth academy because they can buy any player they see fit but what happens after the money goes?

If Man City lost all its money today, how many of their current squad would stay with the team? Sure, in modern football loyalties lie where the money is but Man City could develop a youth system that gets integrated into the first team. In that way, not every problem in position has to be sought out through spending. If you look at things now, how many youth players are learning from the current squad? How many young talents are slipping away from right under City’s grasp because of their immediate solution to resolve problems through money?

City need to be competitive now, and I can understand that but they also need to look to the future. I think a balance should be met through winning every competition because they can buy the best players and remaining as Europe’s elite club because they’re ‘in housing’ the best talents too.