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Luis Suarez destined to return for Liverpool in a very hostile environment

It seems destined for Luis Suarez to celebrate his return to first team action, facing a hostile crowd at Old Trafford in the Capital One Cup next week. According to reports in The Daily Mirror, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has praised the Uruguayan for his commitment during practice sessions, dropping massive hints of his plans to include him in the squad due to face Manchester United, next Wednesday.

Rodgers said: “We’ve been organising some games behind closed doors, both in terms of in-house 11-a-side matches and bringing teams in. He [Suarez] has been doing a lot of individual work, specific to him, on top of all that and replicating his high-intensity speed runs he would do in a game. It’s not the same as playing in a match, but say he did 1,000 high-intensity runs in a game, he has been replicating that in training, so that he’s at a level, where we hope he will hit the ground running. The idea is that, hopefully, when he steps back in it will be seamless. Of course, there will be a transitional period for him, but I’m really looking forward to having him back.

“He’s working his socks off. He’s flushing himself out to the maximum to be as fit as he possibly can,” he added.

Suarez’s return would be a major boost to the Reds’ team who would be facing a fired up United side, desperate for revenge for their Premier League loss at Anfield earlier this season. Moreover, Liverpool are without Philippe Coutinho until the end of October which means that the Uruguayan’s addition would be of prime importance to a squad that has been busy nursing injuries time and again this season.

It remains to be seen if the long break from first team action has led to a dip in Suarez’s form, or if he is able to continue from where he left off last term.