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Keeping John Terry and Frank Lampard could end up costing Jose Mourinho his job

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is looking to build a formidable Blues side once again; however a few of his options might go a long way in undermining his efforts. The names in question are certainly those of Chelsea veterans John Terry and Frank Lampard.

It is no secret that Terry is past his prime now, and is mostly in the news for all the wrong reasons. His performances have taken a backseat due to his frequent injuries and suspensions, and having him in the dressing room is no longer an asset due to his present mediocrity and occasional poisonous influence on the squad.

Moving on to Lampard, the Englishman is known to be an occasional whiner whenever the boss chooses others over him to feature in the first team. He does not hesitate to point a finger at the manager and give rise to a hostile environment within the team to get his own way, and the fact that he behaved that way with ex-managers Andre Villas-Boas and Rafael Benitez prove that he can resort to the same steps with Mourinho if the Portuguese doesn’t hand him regular chances – which is pretty much expected given the calibre of the present generation of Blues’ players.

Hence, having the aforementioned duo in the team might do more harm than good to the team, and might reduce their chances of winning silverware this season. Mourinho would have to find a way out of this mess and offload them both, if he wishes to maintain the integrity of the team and save his job in the process.