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It would be foolish not to consider Liverpool as top four contender

Liverpool are seventh in the league and nine points behind fourth placed Tottenham Hotspur. They have been brilliant in their last two away fixtures against Arsenal and Manchester City, but couldn’t earn the victory they looked for.

Reds skipper Steven Gerrard has said he believes that his side are still well capable of finishing high up the table and will fight tooth and nail for the top four spot. Club legend John Aldridge also echoed on the same lines. The question is how realistic are Liverpool’s chances of finishing in top four from here on.

Well, realistically bit difficult, but at the same time not impossible at all. A lot will depend upon the performances of the other challenging teams and how they fare against each other.

The thing is they have got nothing to worry about in terms of league positions now. At worst, they are expected to maintain their current position. They will concentrate on their own performances and will look to pick up maximum points.

Liverpool have fared poorly against top 10 teams in the Premier League. They haven’t won a single match against any side lying in the top half of the table. However, from here on, they will mostly face opponents who are below top 10. Obviously few tough games are there too like against Everton, Swansea, Chelsea, Spurs or even West Brom but Liverpool will look to reap the benefits of playing at home against them.

Further, Spurs have a tough schedule in the month of March and April and knowing their syndrome of losing the plot towards the end, there is every reason to be optimistic about of their chances of bottling it away yet again.

Arsenal are only four points behind Spurs and are considered as genuine contenders for top four spot. Liverpool who are five points adrift of them therefore comes in contention from the mathematical point of view also.

Of course, there is Everton in the mix, but seriously anyone expecting them to finish above Spurs and Arsenal? The league table can change quickly within a month or two. So, it would be foolish to negate Liverpool’s chance for finishing in top four so early.