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Is the time right for Chelsea to move on without Terry and Lampard?

John Terry and Frank Lampard have achieved legendary status at Chelsea. While Lampard’s future is in jeopardy as he has not been provided a new contract, skipper Terry’s long term future has also been under cloud as he struggles to break free from recurrent injuries.

There are two suggestions, contradicting of one another, regarding the roles of veterans. Chelsea hierarchies believe that players like Drogba, Anelka and Lampard, have given their best for the club and at their age they won’t be able to perform to that high level on a regular basis.

There are other camps who opine that it is important for any team to keep hold of their senior players in the side. Manchester United have kept the likes of Scholes and Giggs for example. They are not playing regularly but putting in great efforts when brought on and secondly are helping to groom the young players at the club with all their experiences.

The thing is it depends upon the philosophy of any particular club. There is no substitution of quality and thereby continual recruit of quality is essential, even if at the expense of club legends and veterans.

Further, football has become so homogeneous that players like Hazard, Oscar, Mata, Ramires – the young bloods of Chelsea – have already been exposed to international and European levels at various stages.

Of course, these are sentimental issues but to move ahead, sometimes you need to take hard decisions. The time is probably right for Chelsea to move ahead without Lampard and Terry.