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Is Suarez and not Bale the Player of the Season?

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has insisted today that Luis Suarez is the Player of the Year for him.

Well, being the manager of the club he is entitled to say such things, does Suarez really deserve the player of the year award?

The Uruguay international has scored 25 goals in all competitions, 18 in the league already and has been carrying the club forward almost single handedly at time.

He has created more opportunities (12 from open play) than any other player in the league though his four assists only are largely down to poor finishing from fellow team mates.

The thing is he is competing for the award with two other players, who have had an outstanding season for their respective clubs as well.

Robin van Persie has been sensational for United and his heroics have been compared to the likes of Eric Cantona, a legend of the club. Likewise, Gareth Bale has been given the epithets like inspirational, phenomenal, outstanding etc by media and his manager and even the press showed the temerity to compare him with Ronaldo and Messi.

The thing about both of them is their individual bravura has taken their respective clubs to a different level. For Suarez, he has been the perfect team player.