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Is Roberto Mancini slowly losing the plot?

It seems like Roberto Mancini is finally losing the plot at Manchester City. Few days back, he said in a press conference that Manchester United, the league leaders are lucky enough to be at the top.

The Italian insists that Sir Alex Ferguson’s men have won more matches by scoring late goals and that is a sign of luck.

Isn’t it very funny and ludicrous as well? Ferguson himself has jibed at such comments saying the club is doing (scoring late goals) for 25 years now and that has nothing to do with luck in it.

Had it been any other manager commenting on that, bar Wenger, we could have given a benefit of doubt on the ground of naivety, but since it has come from Mancini it raises eyebrows.

Is he the same manager who witnessed a dramatic late goal victory that earned his team first league title in 44 years? Was that down to “LUCK” Mancini?

Even this season, City have won so many matches, by scoring late goals, (Dzeko the obvious Lucky guy) and according to Mancini’s logic, it should have been counted as luck as well. But no, for his team, his argument stands out as a testament of fighting spirit and winning mentality.

Bravo! Simply Mancini is losing his plot. Of course, one cannot blame him for that. After all, it is bound to get under your skin when you’re 12 points down against Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United.