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Is Pep Guardiola a right fit for Chelsea?

The departure of Roberto Di Matteo had set the press circles abuzz about Pep Guardiola coming out of his sabbatical in the USA to take charge at Stamford Bridge. The appointment of Rafa Benitez as manager till the close season and with Guardiola not ready to start his second stint before 2013 have led to a fresh set of rumours that Benitez is just warming the seat for Guardiola, who had a staggeringly successful spell with Barcelona.

The moot point, however, is does Pep aspire to associate him with the Chelsea brand which has become synonymous with a hire-and-fire philosophy in the Abramovich era. The two reasons for Guardiola not finding a fit with the club are lack of long-term outlook and decision making authority. Unlike leading names like Barcelona or Manchester United, Chelsea have not really set an example of a long-term footballing vision. The club neither believes in a long-term perspective nor does it believe in sourcing talent from an in-house academy. Clearly, lack of such traits is antithetical to Guardiola who is a dyed in the wool Barcelona man.

In terms of managerial authority, Chelsea presents a unique case where player power reared its ugly head in times of trouble and it is widely believed that Scolari and Andre Villas Boas had to leave the club for not pandering to some ‘senior’ figures at the club. This might not please Guardiola who does not suffer fools gladly. His tenure in Barcelona saw Ronaldinho, Eto’o etc. heading for the exit door and creation of a more unified squad. At this rate, it seems Guardiola won’t be too keen to take up the Chelsea job in future, rather he would do wel to bide his time and wait for another big offer.