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Frenchman backs Man City’s fiery Italian.

Roberto Mancini has received a lot of criticism lately because of his teams continued bad displays and his antics in the Champions League, but former Arsenal great Patrick Vieira has come out and claimed that the manager should be at the Etihad for another ‘five year’s’.

The big Frenchman is now the clubs football development executive and is strongly standing behind the manager, because he believes that all the rumours circulating about his position are part of being at a successful club.

Speaking to the Daily Mail he said: “People are like that and you people, journalists, try to find the little things that will sell more papers and will get more people listening to the news,

‘But this is a part of our game and we accept it, no problem at all.”

Mancini will continually come under pressure from everyone to succeed at a club like City, considering all the money they have spent to finance glory. But they are still sitting second in the Premier League even though they haven’t played that great, and nobody can doubt they will kick into gear soon.

Vieira then went on to praise the manager and said: “He’s a winner. He’s working hard all week in training, trying to make the team focused and is really aware of the tactical aspect of awareness of the game.

“He is looking for the perfect game and he’s really demanding. I think this is why he’s so successful.”

Great managers do not win things unless they are good at their job, and yes Mancini is under pressure right now for expressing himself, and his team’s poor performances. But when it comes down to it, they will be there at the end of the season pushing for more honours and that is what every City fan wants.