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Frank Lampard still has no future at Chelsea

One of the few things that could leave a bad taste in the mouth after this season is if Frank Lampard, the Chelsea legend is not given a new contract by the club.

The 34-year-old has time and again stated that he wants to stay at the club and for that reason only he hasn’t signed any pre-contract with any other foreign clubs.

While Manchester United have been giving contracts to their senior players at the clubs, for example Ryan Giggs, Chelsea’s treatment with Lampard over the new contract is baffling.

It is indeed baffling as Lampard has been one of the best performers of Chelsea, scoring 11 goals this season.

Chief executive Ron Gourlay denied reports that the midfielder will be given new contract, which is indeed sad news, especially for the Chelsea fans.

Lampard has served his club for 12 long years and certainly Chelsea fans would love to see him prolong his career at Stamford Bridge, but the club’s hierarchies think otherwise.