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Former Arsenal star launches scathing attack on his former employer

Samir Nasri’s departure to Manchester City upset most Arsenal fans and he was shunned by the Gunners loyalists for valuing money more than the club. However, the Frenchman has made scathing accusations towards Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke, claiming that money tempted the American to sell him in the summer of 2011.

The now 25 year-old was an integral part of the Gunners first team before his £24 million move to Man City almost two seasons ago. Wenger had cited Nasri’s refusal to sign a new contract as the reason behind the sale, but Nasri claims that Kroenke pushed for the transfer for financial benefits.

The Daily Mail reported Nasri as telling French media, “Wenger told me that if Cesc [Fabregas] left, I would stay but Kroenke wanted the money. Cesc was already gone, I had only one year left so I decided to leave.”

Nasri backed his decision to move to the Etihad Stadium as he added, “I do not have regrets. I do not regret joining Manchester City. I want to play and perform. My departure from Arsenal is purely for sporting reasons. When you compare Arsenal and City, it’s not the same. With City I’m playing in a better team. I didn’t leave for money.”

Nasri also went on to express his gratitude towards Arsene Wenger in his development. While the recent revelations are unlikely to soften Arsenal fans’ attitude towards Nasri, the fans will certainly intensify their agenda against Kroeke, who has come under intense fire for the club’s failures in the recent seasons.