Fifa warned Jack Warner to be more careful with accepting backhanders

News that Jack Warner is corrupt, is a thief, accepts bribes and is a ticket tout extraordinaire is no longer a surprise to anyone in the footballing game, neither is it a surprise that corruption is endemic at Fifa and so it should not be a surprise to learn that Fifa actually sanctioned Jack Warner’s bribe taking.

That’s right, Fifa sanctioned it, they did not tell Warner not to take bribes, what they told him was to be careful that he does not get caught.

An insider has informed us that certain officials at Fifa had grown exasperated with Warner’s inability to erase paper trails of his illegal activities, it is becoming harder and harder for Fifa to wash under the carpet Warner and his families corrupt practices without it starting to effect Fifa’s credibility.

The fact that Fifa’s credibility is shot to pieces has obviously passed them by, it was shot when Fifa announced that Warner did not know of his sons ticket touting when documents showed the absolute opposite.

So the fact is that Fifa knows Warner has been accepting bribes and the only action they took against him was to ask him to be more careful.

Fifa cannot keep the lid on this, reporters throughout the world are searching high and low for evidence, more and more staff at Fifa are leaking info and it is only a matter of time before a full blown leak is released detailing all the corruption at Fifa.

If the US government cannot protect its data what chance do Fifa have, especially when there are now thousands of journalists on the prowl.
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A secretary somewhere at Fifa can become rather rich sometime soon, all he or she needs to do is sell the documents to a newspaper and the Fifa house will finally come crumbling down.

The clock is ticking Mr Blatter and Mr Warner and remember do not pick up the soap in the shower when you finally do get busted.

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