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Arsenal star is playing above expectations.

Arsenal’s best hope of the future Jack Wilshere has only just come back from a 16-month layoff with a series of injuries, which could have threatened his career. But he is playing better than many fans or pundits expected, and can only improve on what he has done since his return.

Before the injury he was regarded as one of the best young talents around and was being hailed as Arsenals and England’s answer to ‘Xavi’.

Then the injury happened and many feared that he wouldn’t be the same player when he returned, but he has shown glimpses of his brilliant self and seems to be back on track for a great career in the game.

However, everybody could not have expected him to improve so much in the games he has featured in this season, and he has come out himself and stated that he is surprised just how well he is doing.

Speaking to Sky Sports he said: “I’m quite surprised actually, when I first played in the U21s, I was really rusty, and I think it was clear for everyone to see. Everyone was just being nice to me saying ‘you played well’. Now I’m feeling better and better as every game goes on.

“Mentally it has been tough because you question yourself all the time. You go to the Emirates, you watch games and you think ‘Has it got quicker? I don’t remember it being this quick. Can I get back to this level that I was at before?’

“But I feel good now and hopefully, with a few more games, I can get back to my best.”

The return of Wilshere is a big boost for both his club and his country, and it can only help them move forward when he gets back to the levels he was achieving before the injury.