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Arsenal chairman dismisses Tottenham as a serious rival to the gunners

There’s no love lost between Arsenal and Tottenham but now it seems the rivalry has buckled tighter. Arsenal chairman, Peter Hill-Wood has exposed his claws and dismissed the idea that Tottenham will pose any threat for his club in the up and coming season.

Peter Hill-Wood has spoken out stating, ‘ I do not see Spurs posing a problem for us this season.’ This comes after Spurs endured a frustrating start to the season, having not won a game so far. The statement directed towards the club and Villas-Boas will not go unnoticed though, as Spurs will look to prove a point to their North London neighbors.

After Arsenal’s mediocre spending spree during the transfer period, many supporters of the club became angered by the lack of big money buys this season. Peter Hill-Wood admitted that Arsenal do not have the power of other major European clubs but is still confident of winning silverware this season. “Arsene has money to spend but there’s a limit,’ the chairman said. ” We can’t spend £50 million on one player.”

Arsenal fans won’t be too happy with the statement made by the chairman, given that the club hasn’t even expressed interest in players in the £30 million mark. None the less, the Arsenal chairman, feels that with Tottenham’s increased stadium problems that the club won’t be able to compete with Arsenal this season. “Their new manager may be a great success but they have to find a stadium. That’s going to be very difficult. Finding a site and financing it is a major problem which we know about.’

With Spurs having competed toe to toe with Arsenal in the transfer market, a fresh faced Tottenham squad will be sure to prove the Arsenal chairman wrong.