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Are Liverpool losing their good reputation for Suarez?

Liverpool historically is one of the biggest clubs in England and holds a respectable position in the eye of European arena as well. Not only that the Reds are a global brand as well.

Luis Suarez is an outstanding player. There cannot be any second doubt about that. He is gifted, skilful and at the same time highly imaginative.

He is the top scorer in the league with 22 goals and has carried the burden of Liverpool throughout the season on his shoulder.

However, his constant misdemeanours, involved in racial row, diving and cheating acts puts the brand image of the club to shame.

How many times this season we have seen Suarez getting favourable decisions for throwing his body on the ground needlessly?

For a player of his calibre, such type of acts is disgraceful. The point is Liverpool cannot afford to lose him because he is their top player.

But in protecting him all the time, the club is losing its reputation.