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Americans would welcome the addition of Chelsea legend to their league

MLS commissioner Don Graber has said that any MLS club would be more than glad to have Frank Lampard in their roster.

Frank Lampard is in the final year of his current contract at Stamford Bridge. Talks regarding a contract extension seemed to have hit a road block as Chelsea are only prepared to offer a one year contract to players above the age of 30. After January Frank Lampard will be free to talk to any club regarding a possible move at the end of the season. Ashley Cole and Lampard can leave the club for free at the end of this season if Chelsea fail to secure their long term future.

Don Graber is hopeful that Lampard would follow the path of David Beckham and join the MLS at the end of this season. Earlier, MLS side LA Galaxy had been linked with a move for Lampard as a replacement for 37-year-old Beckham (who might retire in near future). But Graber insisted that he is unaware of any such interest, and revealed that he will be involved in any such negotiation with Lampard, if it takes place.

“Frank Lampard’s a great player. He has a great history with the sport,” he said.

“If he decides he wants to play in Major League Soccer, I’m sure any club would be happy to have him on their roster.

“I’ll go into the locker room and see if I can chat him up…” he added jokingly.

Don Graber also pointed out that if Lampard decides to join MLS, he will have to be exempted from the salary cap as he would fall under the ‘Designated Player’ category.

“Frank would probably fall in the ‘Designated Player’ category,” Garber added.

“That’s a discussion that starts with ownership at the local level, and the league certainly would be involved at some point.

“But a local team owner would have to decide that they would want him on their team.”

Chinese club Shanghai Shenhua, which signed Didier Drogba and Nicolas Anelka last season, are also said to be interested in signing the 34-year-old midfielder. One thing that Lampard will have to consider before deciding on his future, is how a move to America or China can affect his England career.