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Alan Pardew crossed the line and the FA should make an example of him

England has had a terrific summer hosting the Olympics which by and large have been everything one would expect from the best of the sporting world in terms of fair play, spirit and camaraderie. And one would have hoped that the Premier League players would have learnt a thing or two.

While most of the players themselves behaved pretty well on the opening day of the season, Newcastle Manager Alan Pardew failed to cover himself in glory – despite his side picking up a massive 2-1 win against last season’s rivals Tottenham Hotspur in the late kick off on Saturday.

Pardew shoved Stuart Burt in the back for not having given a free-throw his team’s way, and though he was sent off for his indiscretion, the Newcastle manager maintained contact with his bench and continued to pass on instructions during the course of the game.

While Pardew has since apologized, it would be fair to say one can’t really shoot a man and then say sorry. Pardew must do time for having brought not just the game into disrepute, but for setting a terrible example for his players, and while managers often lash a flurry of abuse in the direction of officials, they have to be taught that hands-off is the only approach.

One hopes Pardew doesn’t just escape with a 3 match ban and a measly fine, and the FA throw the book at him.